Dimyat - variety, which is used to make aromatic dry white wines and brandies. It develops a fruity aroma with accents of ripe peach. The taste is mild, with pleasant freshness. It grows best in the region of Varna, but is also grown in other parts of the country.

Gamza - is one of the oldest varieties, growing in Thracian lowlands (PGI). The wine has a light red color. Its flavor is fresh, with fruity nuances, an elegant body and a soft finish. Pamid wines are usually consumed new due to their low content of phenolic substances; their taste does not develop well after contact with oak. You can taste Pamid in the cellars in the region of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Pamidovo.

Melnik - is a local red variety which only grows in the regions of Melnik, Petrich and Sandanski. The color of this wine is medium deep. Wines of this variety are excellent, with ripe cherry and herbs aroma, and in the presence of oak it develops tobacco and leather nuances. The taste of new wine is crisp, with pronounced tannins. With the maturing, the taste softens, but it remains spicy at the end.

Mavrud - is a very old local variety, grown near Asenovgrad, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and the Rhodope Mountains foothills. The wine, made from it, has a saturated crimson ruby color with excellent taste and pronounced density. The flavor is juicy with a dominance of ripe berries and spices.

Red Muscat - is an old variety, widespread in the sub-Balkan region. This wine variety has a interesting color with pink shades. The aroma has herbal nuances with quince and honey.

Rubin - is a local variety created by the fertilization of two varieties - Nebiolo and Syrah. These wines are deep in color and their taste is thick, with a soft finish. Their aroma is intense, fruity, with ripe blackberry domination, and in contact with oak it develops jam nuances