The National Vine and Wine Chamber (NVWC)

is a nongovernmental legal organization created in 2000 under the Law on wine and spirits as branch organization of producers, processors and traders of grapes, wine and products of grapes and wine.

NVWC aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its members and all workers in the wine sector; protection of origin, quality and authenticity of products produced and traded; marketing, advertising and promotional presentation produced by members of the Association end products, promote the development of viticulture and increasing the competitiveness of wine producers.

Members of NVWC are 75 wineries from around the country and 6 regional viticulture and wine chambers.

NVWC has 6 / six / regional wine Chambers registered as independent legal entities.

The regional viticulture and wine chambers are in: Sliven, Sandanski, Plovdiv, Pleven, Burgas and Varna, as follows:

-RLVK Thrace, based in Plovdiv.;

-RLVK Mizia, based in the city. Pleven;

- Southeast Thracian vine and wine chambers based in Sliven town.          

- Vine and wine chambers Black Sea, based in the city. Varna;

- Southern Black vine and wine chambers based in the town. Bourgas

-RLVK Pirin based in Sandanski

All of them are non-governmental organizations called to promote development and competitiveness of Bulgarian Vine and Wine.

The means of achieving the objectives of NVWC are: conduct consultations, discussions and deliberations, presentation of opinions, directly advocacy, use of mass media, official statements, building coalitions and networks, preparation and carrying out strategies and programs, development of projects, training, educational materials, creating databases, and use of any authorized legal means to achieve the objectives of NVWC.

National Vine and Wine Chamber is the organizer and co-organizer of important national and international events:

* International Exhibition of Vine and Wine "Winery" in Plovdiv 1992

* Salon de Vin in Sofia 2001

* GORGE new wine in Plovdiv, 2009

* BULGARIAN WINE WEEKEND, from 2013. Commercial tasting and master classes for experts - every year for different wine market.

* Balkan Festival of brandy and spirits in 2013

* Presentation and tasting of Bulgarian wines across the country and around the world.

* Wine tours for professionals, connoisseurs and wine lovers.

* Professional training and master classes in viticulture and winemaking are organized by the Center for Vocational Training at the National Vine and Wine Chamber in Sofia.

Bulgarian wines participate each year in many prestigious wine competitions in the world dept: Decanter World Wine Competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirits Competition in London, etc. and earn accolades. In 2016 the country hosted the largest independent competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, held for the first time in Plovdiv. 41 Bulgarian wine experts, journalists, sommeliers, retailers and oenologists were part of the jury, which includes experts from over 52 countries. Traditionally, 42% of the represented nearly 26 samples from 70 wineries won.

NVWC a scientific journal of Vine and Wine "Vine and Wine" from 1911 and the magazine for marketing and promotion of Bulgarian wine "BGWine", from 2012.